The 10 Best Books of 2013 – Part 1 (Non Fiction)

Kwench | Rewards and Recognition

Top 10 of any genre’ is a very difficult list to come up with. There are books that are legendary for being up there on every Top 10 list for years on end and then there are sales numbers that stores and online book retailers need to worry about (wink wink).

So this year, we decided to take an data driven look at the top 10 Non-Fiction and Fiction books that corporate India liked. The ranking is only for titles published in 2013. Unburdened with such problems as warehouses full of unsold books, we arrived at the ranking based on popularity, rating, and some secret sauce involving return times, likes, book requests and others. So here we go with the first installment of the Top 10 – the Non Fiction titles – listed in reverse order.

#10: Dhandha: How Gujaratis Do Business [Shobha Bondre]

_kwench_NonFiction_2013_10_Forget the fancy business talk, and…

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