Celebrating small wins: Keeping the progress bar moving!

Kwench | Rewards and Recognition

Celebrate_small_Wins_Have you ever felt frustrated, staring at your monitor while a large file downloads from the internet? I guess most of us have at some time or the other and the temptation to keep checking if the file is actually downloading is very high. You just need to know that it’s actually happening!

This is exactly why most smart websites, browsers (or file downloading software) provide percentage-completed progress indicators.  The filling up of the bar gives users a sense of progress (even if its misleading at times). Dr Brad A. Meyers in his paper “The importance of percent-done progress indicators for computer-human interfaces,” points out that “Practical experience and formal experiments show that progress indicators are an important and useful user-interface tool, and that they enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness of programs that incorporate them.”

When it comes to complex tasks and large projects in the workplace, pretty much the…

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