Sorry ‘fun-loving’ doesn’t compute.

Big-Data is the buzz word these days – and justifiably so, with so much of interesting things you can do with data.

For example, an interesting study of mobile call patterns revealed the following.

A study of mobile phone calls suggests that women call their spouse more than any other person.

That changes as their daughters become old enough to have children, after which they become the most important person in their lives.

Which could imply if you don’t have a daughter of marriageable age and you aren’t the one your wife is calling the max, you are in trouble.

And now Algorithms are looking for patterns in resume’s to select the best possible candidate, with interesting patterns emerging there too.

Of course its not perfect. Things do go wrong at times like

…a case where the software rejected every one of many good applicants for a job because the firm in question had specified that they must have held a particular job title—one that existed at no other company.

In a weird way this might actually go against the norm of ‘differentiating’ the resume to stand out. Experienced recruiters implicitly know what to expect from a candidate based on patterns they have formed from experience. For a human looking at say 20+ resume’s for a job, something that is different ‘stands out’ and unless you have terrible bad luck (or don’t run spell check) – chances are your resume gets a better look-see than the rest. Computers i.e. Algorithms don’t care much for variation. In fact chances are you will fail the switch-case checks and fall into the ‘default:’ bucket – and since everybody adapts, including freshers looking for a job, the return of mass “templatized”[sic] resume’s might just be around the corner.

The next time your resume doesn’t evoke the response you expected from your ‘dream’ company, you know whom to blame.

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