Go Away.

Go away from or get out of somewhere quickly.

Organizations, Teams or any collective you care to think about aren’t creative, innovative or caring. Its people who make up those collective that possess those attributes. As a leader the only useful thing you can possibly do is get the best people with the skills or attributes you want i.e people who know more about that part than you possible ever can, empower them and then get the “bloody hell” out of their way.

Don’t try and tell smart people what to do – they don’t like it very much. And don’t ever try to prove your position by having an opinion about their work – they don’t like that either. Trust your best people to do something and step back and see the magic happen or do it yourself and settle for the mediocre output you get. Don’t pontificate and ruin your collectives strength.

The problem you see is that – magic doesn’t like chains.

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