The 10AM Reading List


  1. Considering I have been ‘endorsed’ for things I don’t do by people who have never worked with me, my feelings on this are quite set. Its the ultimate please-scratch-my-back-since-I-scratched-yours-for-no-reason-in-particular. Even ‘Like’ on fb is more honest (in my opinion, and its relative, not absolute.). There are over a billion endorsements on LinkedIn in less than 6 months and I would be seriously skeptical of any targeting they do, using this data. 
  2. Stuck in a company where people are obsessed with making org-structure boxes outlining who is in ‘charge’ and still make peanuts? Here’s some food for thought: A Billion Dollar Company With No Bosses
  3. Big fan of Scott Adams. I think ‘in-duh-vidual‘ was one of the funniest terms invented. And now he ‘discovers’ market manipulation. Here Come the Market Manipulators
  4. Obama picks up the fight again on reducing Nuclear Stockpiles. There are chances the world might still be a better (and safer) place.

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