The 10AM Reading List


  1. Its a party you technically haven’t been invited to. You have sneaked in for a reason. The investor you have been desperate to talk to is here and you want to corner him and get him to write a cheque for your company – the next Google no less, if only people would get the idea. You dance around the guy, tolerate the idiotic jokes people he knows are cracking and finally turns to you with a smile and asks -So what do you do? This is it. Now or never. You have been rehearsing this for the last two months, playing it over and over in you head. And then …you start a pushy-blabbering-sales-pitch. Here’s some interesting pointers on how to fix your elevator pitch
  2.  If there is going to be a parting of the Red Sea, I am going there! Locust Swarms Descend on Egypt Like Biblical Plague
  3. $24bn in earnings and its ‘subpar’. And the man likes newspapers. Newspapers?! Warren Buffet on, well…everything.
  4. The Dark Knight opens with a scene of a bunch of characters jumping around in Batman suits, trying to apprehend criminals. I have seen movies inspired by real life, but life inspired by movies? Well, real life sometimes imitates fiction.
  5. “Honey! Seriously! It’s just a teeny-weeny particle that nobody is even sure exists. Stop fretting and come to bed.” The human face of the hunt for Higgs Boson
  6.  Hugo Chavez died after a long bout with cancer. Here’s Foreign Affairs with an in-depth look at his legacy. 

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