The 10AM Reading List


  1. When Charlie Munger speaks, people listen. You should too (even though he spoke this in ’95) . Munger on the psychology of human misjudgement [HT: The big picture]
  2. Maybe its too early to bring out the bubbly, but this heartwarming story gives hope to millions. Sometimes breaking established protocols works wonders. Baby born with HIV apparently cured 
  3. Google fights spam. No seriously it does (some of the ad’s you see might make you wonder how effective that is. Jokes apart, a neat overview of how its done.). How the spam-killing is done.
  4. And this one is fantastic. The inimitable Seth Godin says

” Sometimes we make the mistake of ignoring the big leaks, the ones that threaten our journey.

More often, though, we’re so busy fixing tiny leaks that we get distracted from the real goal, which is to go somewhere.” 

Here’s the original post (and it has a link to a Steve Job’s funniest joke, so click through, its worth your time.)

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