A surreal week in Mumbai

Its been a while.. (surprising how often I see bloggers write that line these days). Along the way 2013 rolled in. New’s Years eve was fantastic – sipping wine and watching fireworks in the distant skyline with two gorgeous women – one of whom discovered that Wine and Chocolates are an awesome combination. Silly dance videos made just hours prior to that shall not be referred to.

SCMM13Finisher_So anyway it all boiled down to last week. The grand test. The goal of all those sleepless days (well some sleepless days at least). Early morning 20th saw me standing in the holding area of the SCMM half-marathon start just off the Bandra-Worli sea-link. Think about it – a quiet sea lapping beneath the bridge. The subtle lighting on the bridge softening the effect of giant supports. The lights of buildings twinkling at the other end beckoning. And thousands of people running in near synchronization. It was a perfect start to the run. And it only got better from there. Tons of people lining the street to cheer on the runners and handing out everything from water to oranges to sport-drinks. Mumbai_India_Bridge_Made crossing the line so much easier. P2 was my all-in-one support team all the way from accompanying me on a freezing auto trip to the start and then rushing to the finish line to be there when I hobbled over. At 2:08 I was going faster than I ever had 🙂 It was much fun overall.

Then as is with life – you need to have a mix. Things went downhill from there for the rest of the week. A tragedy in a family we know so well and helplessness in knowing that people can screw up real bad and sometimes there is nothing one can do or say that will help. More revelations of nasties-doing-what-they-do in other aspects of my existence as well,  ended up making the rest of the week quite forgettable in a pulling-my-hair-out-while-trying-not-to-burst-a-vein kind of way.

But then salvation arrived on Friday in the form of dinner with Sensei and He-who-might-be-Bundelwal at China Gate in Bandra where the two graciously, as always, picked up the tab for my hogging. (Second Degree fans, take note. This should be the time when your eyebrows go up. Is something cooking?) Well something wasn’t cooking in the kitchens ’cause the Aubergines stuffed with Tofu didn’t quite appeal to Sensei’s palette – especially after I told him what it was that he was relishing till that point. It was also the point where I trashed his brand new Kindle Paperwhite in favour of my Kobo touch. But then these dinners are always fun in the conversations, trashings, catching-ups on things that have happened, the ups, the downs, the waves, the puts, the pulls, oh! and the observations I get about the state of the world economy.

Scanning through the papers next day at the airport told me that little else was happening in the world other than the Jaipur Lit Fest unfortunately getting caught in a bit of a storm brewing in a tea cup speaking of which I ran into someone on the flight home who has a deep interest in the world of books these days from a commercial perspective. We parted ways on the plane ’cause he was seated way up front and I was at the back (where I can keep a watch on the flaps, in case the pilots forget about it) . It was a bit funny though the way my friend was walking on the tarmac back in Bangalore, head buried deep in a novel. Ah well! these entrepreneur types. Total immersion.

Now excusez-moi while I go immerse my head in some cold-clearing therapy. I’ll be back when the sniffles are gone.

(Bandra-Worli Sealink pic source wikipedia)

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