Eye-Gnats, Musings on Evolution and a side note on ARBTS

So there I was staring at my monitor, trying very hard to make sense of some data sheets and trend graphs when along comes this tiny spec of an insect and starts hovering around my eyes. I wave it away, it goes away for a few seconds and comes right back! After about an hour of this waving (which had others thinking I am totally losing it – a matter of much deliberation off late), I am frustrated enough to actually take a break from the work (where anyway I wasn’t making much progress) and figure out exactly what this bug is!

First the context – my workplace (I don’t call it office) is a delightful little location, tucked away among houses and is peppered with trees, plants and grass! Also it seems the cause of my current problems, because that is where eye-gnats (Chloropidae) like to set up home.

The eye-hovering beast triggered a chain of thoughts that ended up in me thinking of evolution (a topic I really haven’t thought much about since I got into the hard data driven existence forced on entrepreneurs). The gnat is one among millions of insects and other life forms that form a part of the ecosystem we live in – hardly ever noticed, unless you are lucky to work in a office with a garden of its own or live in a house with one (In a major city in India, neither of this is very likely). And try as hard as I may, I can’t think of a reason for its existence. Evolution is a hard-nosed spirit. No nonsense. If the RoI on your sticking around falls below an acceptable threshold – poof! Off you go! Adapt, Mutate or erm..die!

Of course there is that omnipresent argument on if Evolution is really the true deal and it is actually a divine force that has the grand blue-print of all life. Looking at the difficulty I have in controlling the few dozen variables involved in daily business operations, imagining someone or something juggling with billions and billions of those seems such a far stretch of the imagination. While I can accept the argument that the capability of divinity should not be measured in human limitations, the evolution theory is so much more easier to place faith in, no? Call it an Acquired Belief Deficiency Syndrome, if you will, but I like to see proof before I place faith in something.

The theory of Evolution, like several other theories is essentially a hypothesis – accepted as truth because there is no proof of the contrary being true. An interesting situation you would think – for all you know there might a mischievous streak to God and he might just pop up when you least expect it and grin before debunking all that Evolution nonsense when he opens out his computing device (which might just look like the Macbook Air) and shows a spreadsheet with all the possible variables that he needs to create life as we know it. (On judgement day – I want to see how he does a Pivot on that spreadsheet!)

I know this post might get the goat of some die-hard Creationists (you know the Flat-Earther’s and beyond) but then what do expect from a post that was inspired by an Eye-Gnat and a frustrating spreadsheet!

Having spewed all that nonsense, here’s an update on the ARBTS. (If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, the rest of the update won’t matter anyway). If you did know, then here’s the situation. I kept getting feedback from those who did read what had been posted, that it was getting quite tough to read as the chapters progressed. Ergo, I am working on finishing the entire manuscript in one go. This now poses an interesting challenge because the feedback I was hoping to receive along the way won’t happen or maybe it will. Who knows how the new world of publishing will evolve.

And while we are on the bold new world of publishing some notes: Fifty shades of Grey is a publishing hit (notch one up for the self publishing world and erotica) and the Kidwell e-Festival closed early ’cause too few people turned up (blame the Olympics. Erm..well didn’t they know its going to be held, everyone else in the world knew for at least 4 years)

Oh well!

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