The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Just finished reading the book (finally). All these years I would have read a smattering of books associated with the Second World War, but never really got around to reading this one. All throughout I was left feeling how close we were to seeing a very different world order.

All the bungling and fiascoes by the powers that be in those times and the final push which saw the downfall of the Axis left goosebumps on my skin. The first thing I thought of when I turned the final page was the dialogue Morpheus had in the Matrix Reloaded.

Trinity: Maybe we did something wrong.
Neo: Or didn’t do something.
Morpheus: No, what happened, happened and couldn’t have happened any other way.
Neo: How do you know?
Morpheus: We are still alive.

But of course things are not always that simple. My curiosity about a whole bunch of “why?”is now piqued and I plan to (hopefully) get some of the other books that deal with the topics in-depth. Lets see how that plays out.

An interesting co-incidence. This toon was posted on xkcd. It’s funny and intensely poignant. The mouse over on the toon says “Reversed Directive : It is forbidden for you to interfere with human history until you have at least taken a class on it” (read the book to understand the significance of directives)

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