Fiction Fragments: A Ridiculous Bed-Time Story

Over the next few weeks I will post fragments (fancy term for chapters) of a rather long bed time story I wrote in my spare time.

The usual disclaimers about all people and events being nothing more than a figment of my imagination apply. In short – ‘Nothing in this story is true!

To the young gentleman at my last book reading session in Baroda, who demanded to know why books aren’t cheaper, well it doesn’t get any cheaper than this (though you will only get it in parts for some time till I release the complete manuscript). To all those who insisted I keep writing, thank you for the faith you reposed in the most indisciplined writer on the planet. To those who didn’t quite like my previous book, I hope you see improvement here.

To those who are wondering why I am not releasing the entire manuscript in one go, there are several reasons, none of which are important (or meaningful) to anyone but me. But I am looking forward to feedback as the story develops here so the final version I am sure will be much better than anything I could have dumped on you.

That being said, I will eventually release the final manuscript under the Creative Commons  (I think it will be the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivs to be specific) so anyone can print/share/publish/sell do whatever without worrying about me (unless you plan on changing it). Till that time the content is fully copyrighted. If you are a reporter of that strange newspaper who happily lift things off others blog and pass it off as yours (you know who you are) – the words of relevance to you are “cease and desist”. If you didn’t get that part then here the same thing in plain English. “NO! You can’t use anything you read here” (I know that makes me sound like a pompous ass)

In case of a Black Swan event that you are a publisher, you read my blog and are interested in the manuscript for publishing, please note that I have a few teeny-weeny conditions I would appreciate you respect before you go crank up the printing press. Leave your contact in the comments on any of the posts, I will get in touch with you.

Now that I am done with the speech –  ‘Ladies and Gentlemen – I present – A ridiculous bed-time story which I hope you find is not as ridiculous as the title claims.’


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